Elixir & Phoenix Newcomers Tech Talk

Hello! Are you interested to know more about Elixir & Phoenix? Maybe you're beginning or just interested to know more.

After working for years mostly in PHP and Ruby on Rails, I migrated to Elixir and Phoenix. Since then, I launched a few projects in production, including a marketplace in France.

I invite you to a talk, using Zoom, completely free, where we will talk about the experience I built, the migration issues I've had, and of course the good side.

At the end we will talk about LiveView, an amazing library to build real-time applications running completely on the back-end side, without any JavaScript writing.

Set your calendar ready!

Friday June 26, 2020
03:00 PM GMT
Europe : 04:00 PM London - 17:00 Paris/Berlin - 18.00 Tallinn/Helsinki
USA : 11:00 AM New York - 08:00 AM San Francisco

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Meeting ID: 999 2150 1020

Password: 8Wbbxd